Byron Sanders

I wanted to provide a letter of recommendation and testimony to the quality hunting experience provided at the Macedonia Game Preserve and offered by Keith Neal.
I have been an avid hunter and raised English Setters for over 40 years, in my adult life, and hunted with my father for many years prior. I have predominantly hunted in Southern Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky for these many years, regularly finding dozens of wild coveys throughout the hunting season.
Also, in my experiences of selling Bird Dogs across the country and guiding, I have been a guest and hunted Bob White Quail at the Babcock Plantation in Southern Georgia; I have hunted Pheasants, Sharptails, and Hungarian Partridge for 6+ years in North/South Dakota, and Iowa; and I have hunted Grouse in Northern Wisconsin for the past 17 years. So, my standards for upland bird hunting are well founded. By far, of all my comparable preserve hunts, Keith’s Operation is a “5 star” experience. The Birds (Quail, Chukar, and Pheasant) are quality, flight conditioned birds.The cover is natural habitat and ranges from dense, and challenging for the experienced hunter and dogs, to more accessible terrain for young dog training and hunters that may not be able to walk “like they use to”. Keith offers great “home cooked” lunches, overnight accommodations,  dogs/guides, and a courteous environment that makes you feel welcome every time, no matter the size and expenditure of your hunt.
I recommend Keith and his Preserve with no reservations. As the natural wild bird population and habitat diminishes, this is a great salvation for both the beginner or experienced Hunter.
Byron Sanders

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