MGP Kennel

If you are looking to buy a great hunting dog – this is the place. We have puppies as well as fully grown and broken to retrieve dogs. Don’t see on here what you are looking for, call Keith at 618-525-4368.

NOTE:  All dogs are up to date on their shots and medicine!

DUKE – German Short-Hair
17 Months old Male, Completely broke, has been force broke also,
close to medium range dog


CASH – English Setter
3 and a half year old male, completely broke,  has been run in Nastra Trials.  Has few points. Very sharp dog.





MAX – German Short-Hair
2 and a half year old male, completely broke, has thrown some great pups.



WRIGGLEY – English Setter
2 and a half year old male
SIRE:  Glover’s Chopper / Glover’s Nikki and Sue Maggie Sue / Tomoka’s Smoking Mike
DAME:  Ziggy Tomoka Blue / Tomoka’s Last Straw / Pulse’s Tomoka Ace

BO – English Setter
2 year old male pup

Grandson of  Shadow Oak Bow
SIRE:  Double E Mack
DAME:  Smith Amazing Angel



SPECK – German Short-Hair
18 Months old German Short Hair , woe broke, force broke, sharp, close to medium range dog.



Sage – English Pointer
3 year old male, woe broke, is retrieving, great nose.




German Short-Hair Pups
5 Months Old, Two Females left




German Short-Hair Puppy
8 Months old puppy, male, going
to trainers shortly.


German Short-Hair Puppy
7 and a half Months female, black/roan, at trainers right now, has been woe broke, natural retriever.


German Wirehair Pups
3 Month old, One Male , One Female
Partial Pedigree – Sire:  Harvest Meadow Max,
Dam:  Bandit Sue/Pine Creek Elko